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This water leak system comprises of a Distance Locator panel, sensor cable and alarm sounders. The water leak panel has potential free relay contacts which extends alarms to BMS.

The Water leak detection sensor cable typically used to detect water leaks in critical rooms to monitor leakage and optionally extend alarm in the BMS. It serves as an interface between the Water leak detection panel and the Sensor Cable. The Start of Line Interface Module is locally placed in the False Flooring, and shall be connected to the WLD Panel through standard Cu- Ar Cable.

The WLD Panel is be capable of supplying power to the interface modules, and serves as the annunciation of alarms through LCD fascia. The panel activates common sounder. Testing procedure involves physical application of a wet cloth to the cable, to test the relay operation. The Panel sounds the Alarms, and optionally notifies the BMS system.

Features of Products :

The Distance Locator Panel operates on 230V AC supply with battery backup. It will provide supervision of interface modules The features of the Synopsys Distance Locator panel are as follows:

  • LCD Display to indicate the module number and the distance to leak location in meters.
  • The panel also displays a cable fault in case of cable break condition.
  • A modbus output is provided for BMS communication.
  • The system is equipped with a built-in audible sounder and a common hooter.
  • A common relay output is given along with the common alarm relay out.

Technical Specification :

  • Supply Voltage : 230V AC – 50Hz +/- 10 %
  • LCD Display : Backlit.
  • Internal Sounder : Buzzer to indicate alarm and fault.
  • External Sounder : Hooter 24V DC.
  • Fuse : 1 Amp.
  • Working Temp. : 0 to 50Degree C
  • Construction : M.S powder coated
  • Dimensions: 250(H) X 250(W) X 110(D) mm.
  • Weight : 3 Kgs Approx