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Gas Release panel

The timer will be switched on when fire is detected in both the zones. Supply to solenoid valve will be given after the preset time. The time delay can be preset with the help of dip switch.

Functions :

After fire in both the zones following operation takes place in sequence, the timer starts. The delay can be set from 0 to 250 sec with the help of dip switch. The Panels Timer LED On and potential Free Timer Relay operates. After the delay is over, relay of solenoid valve operates, 24 V DC output for Solenoid valve and potential Free Gas Release relay also operates.

Abort :

After cross zoning the time delay starts and for some reason we do not want to release gas, then short the terminals of ABORT and timer stops. Abort LED on the Panel will glow. Once we release Abort switch then again Timer starts and after set delay, relay of solenoid valve operates.

Manual Release :

The Manual release can be achieved by shorting manual release terminals and with set time delay, relay of solenoid valve operates.

Features of Products :

  • Operates on 230V supply with battery backup with built in charging.
  • Low battery visual warning with audible tone.
  • LED indication for Timer On, Abort and Gas Release.
  • Relay output for actuators.
  • Zone disable facility.
  • Solenoid Output with time delay.
  • Made from M.S. CRCA rugged with powder coated finish.

Technical Specification :

  • Supply Voltage : 230V AC – 50Hz +/- 10 %
  • Battery voltage : 24V DC
  • Power output : 850mW
  • Normal Operating voltage : 24VDC.
  • Hooter Output : 1A.
  • EOL Resistor : 4.7K,1/4watt.
  • Solenoid nominal V & I : 24VDC 1A.
  • Loop Resistance : 50Ω