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RSCAT TRND 400/400(Blinking LED)

Each transducer covers an open area of 400 Sq feet where the average height of the ceiling is 12 feet. Even when installed in the false ceiling or false floorings it will cover an area of 400 sq. feet. The same is possible because of the transducer's streaming effect design.

Each transducer occupies a maximum space of 15 cubic.inches and aesthetically designed to match your décor.

Maximum Cable length per Rodent Console is 1000mtrs.

Being monopolar in nature. They can be installed in any sensitive area with zero risk of sparking.

The transducers can withstand high temperatures in the false ceilings and low temperatures in cold storages and air locks.

The transducers do not need a power connection.

The transducers can be tested on an audible range independently, by selecting the Transducer testing menu from the LCD panel.