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This revolutionary pest control unit turns your office into a fortress against rodents. High pressure Transducer emits a powerful ultrasonic sound that normal speakers are unable to emit.

Much like a loud siren the sound intermittently attack pests to drive them out. R-Scat HFT uses a variable high frequency ultrasound so that pests do not get accustomed, the pest will leave the area being protected.

R-Scat transducers work silently, humans can’t hear them so there is no discomfort to Humans.

The panels are manufactured to the highest quality standards to meet the most stringent and diverse requirements. The panels are cost effective, reliable and easy to install & operate.

Features of Products :

  • Upto 20 Transducers can be connected to main console.
  • Transducers are looped in parallel thereby large reduction in cabling cost.
  • Only two terminals for 20 transducers, easy to install and service.
  • Self Testing facility of transducers.
  • Wall mounted consoles.
  • Compact and elegant look.
  • User friendly controls.

Technical Specification :

  • Main Console : The Main Console can connect up to 20 Transducers (Satellites).
  • The cabling from main console to Transducers is to be looped from one transducer to another.
  • Area covered by each transducer : (Approximately)
    a) Room Void : 300 Sq. ft.
    b) Ceiling Void : 150 Sq. ft.
    c) Below false flooring : 150 Sq. ft.
  • Operating Frequency : Above 20 KHZ (Variable).
  • Sound output : 50db to 100db at 1metre.
  • Power output : 850mW per transducer.
  • Power Consumption : 5.5Watts per transducer.
  • Power Supply : 230V AC/ 50Hz (15Amp Socket).